The WQ Creative team recently had the unique opportunity to work with a local safety-orientated electrical and plant automation company that is revolutionising the space.

Crichton Industrial actively provides premium specialist services in Electrical Maintenance and Testing, Materials Processing, Energy and Maritime Industries. Not only are they known for their high-level expertise, but their impressive Crichton Industrial standard. This means that every project that they are involved in has to undergo a custom, comprehensive exam before completion. And we absolutely loved their commitment to their clients! In fact, there were a number of things that made this collaboration an incredible journey. 

Not only does this company share the same values of personal care and client satisfaction as we do, but it was their personal story that warmed our heart. The Director, Michael Crichton, of Crichton Industrial had previously been doing FIFO work which meant a lot of time spent away from his family. Wanting to be closer to home he looked at his local market and noticed a gap for his type of work with his knowledge, skills and expertise. And so, Crichton Industrial was born. 

Their team decided to bring us on board in order to help them with the following marketing assets: 

  • Branding and logo design
  • Business Cards
  • Car Signage (Vehicle signage installed by Status Signs)
  • Website
  • Capability Statement (brochure)

We look forward to seeing Crichton Industrial become a household name!

Michael Crichton - Owner Operator
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