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We’re more than our caffeine addiction and meme sharing.
Meet the all-woman teamed of creatives ready ⁠to take your business to the next level.

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At WQ Creative our services are driven on one shared vision, to address the marketing needs of small businesses who want to make the world a better place, through the power of creative strategy and flawless design.

Launching into the digital sphere can be challenging for businesses with limited resources, tight budgets and a lack of marketing expertise. But it doesn’t have to be. We believe the most successful companies come from passionate individuals. They shine at the centre of their brand and connect seamlessly with their customer base. That's why we love to create.

If you’re looking to drive change to the world, we’re here to share your vision.

Our Mission, Your Success

At WQ Creative, we believe in making the world a better place by being intentional with our actions, our words and the clients that we onboard.
We look to collaborate with companies which align with our core values and share a vision to make positive change through the power of strategic thinking and creative techniques.

Our Core Values

We are constantly inspired by the nurturing energies of the incredible women around us, and for that reason, we actively choose to associate with brands that look to uplift their communities, environment and industry.
We’d love to work with you if you’re:

  • A company that produces/offers eco-friendly products/service
  • If you’re a mum adding ‘boss’ back to her list of many titles
  • You’re a product/service impacting people’s lives for the better
  • Your a small, locally owned business
  • An entrepreneur who needs the creative fuel to make positive change
  • A business, or individual who loves actively to empowers others
We love what we do

A Creative Agency with
a Unique Approach

We’re different from other marketing agencies.
At WQ Creative we are all about offering world-class digital services whilst still remaining true to our core values. This means embracing the fact that we are a team of exceptional creatives who value long-lasting relationships. It is about accepting that we are a chatty bunch who instantly smile at the sight of coffee. We are all about virtual high-fives, excessive meme sharing and actively empowering those around us.

Become our Marketing Partner

Communication is at the heart of our creative agency. Choosing WQ Creative for your marketing services is joining a partnership with a team of ambitious creatives who share the same goal for your company, success. We communicate with you every step of the way, ensuring your business is put at the forefront when exploring thought provoking strategies and industry leading techniques.

That being said, we also recognise that there are also a number of things that we will not do. This includes working for free, sacrificing our beliefs for a pay-check, overpromising and under delivering, saying no to cake and ignoring the importance of gentle words of affirmation to our fellow team members ... Which is incredibly easy to do. Have you seen their work?
This space that we have intentionally created is all about passion over profit. It is undeniably one of the most powerful spaces in our digital ecosystem and we cannot wait to welcome you into it with open arms!

The WQ Promise to You

We love what we do

We take on projects that we connect with.
We love to collaborate with people who are truly excited about what they do in their business.

We work smarter

We aim to make life easier for our clients.
We opt for smart solutions that foster simplicity and efficiency.

We value transparency

We know that open communication is key. We keep in touch throughout the project so you'll always know what's happening.

We are always learning

We revel at the opportunity to learn new things....
We are always engaged in professional development so we can add the best bits to your project.

We focus on impact

We strive for that "WOW!" response.
We love to see a smile on our clients' faces so we always aim for exceptional work.

We care for our planet

We are driven to do our bit for the planet.
Our office is paperless, filled with plants, and we choose eco-friendly supplies and partner with suppliers who align with our values.

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